Carter County Oklahoma Home and Community Education

Food - Division 301

Premiums for CCOHCE are as follows;

1st - $8.00; 2nd - $6.00; 3rd - $4.00

Group booths shall be made up of articles in the clothing, home and food classes. CCOHCE booths will receive rosettes for first, second and third places.

All products must be canned in standard mason jars and sealed with standard lids.

01. (1) pint Crushed Red Tomatoes

02. (1) pint Bread & Butter Pickles

03. (1) pint Strawberry Preserves

04. 9” or 10” homemade, Single Crust Pecan Pie in a selfsealing plastic bag (after judging 3/4 of pie will be taken to CCOHCE kitchen)

05. (4) pieces, Peanut Brittle on plain white disposable plate, in self-sealing plastic bag

06. (1) loaf Apple Bread with nuts, standard dimensions 9” x 5” x 3” in self-sealing plastic bag

07. (4) Chocolate Chip Cookies with nuts on plain white, disposable plate, cover will be provided

08. Cinnamon Rolls with glaze in a 9" or 10" glass pie plate.

Note: To have a complete booth, you must have six (6) of the eight (8) items.

Fabric and Fashions - Division 302

01. Thanksgiving/Fall Wall Hanging, a minimum size of 30 inches (must have tabs/sleeves for hanging)

02. Constructed Thanksgiving/Fall Vintage Bib Apron

03. Constructed Thanksgiving/Fall Table Runner, a minimum size of 72 inches

04. (4) Constructed Thanksgiving/Fall Placemats

05. Thanksgiving/Fall Decorated Canvas Shoes, any size

Note: To have a complete booth, you must have four (4) of the five (5) items. All items must be new.

Home - Division 303

01. Thanksgiving/Fall stand alone yard decoration

02. Thanksgiving/Fall Cornucopia/Horn of Plenty decorated

03. Constructed Fabric Pumpkin, any size

04. Thanksgiving/Fall Wreath, any size

05. Thanksgiving/Fall theme canvas painting, a minimum size of 11” x 14”

06. Thanksgiving/Fall Porch Dècor

Note: To have a complete booth, you must have four (4) of the six (6) items.