FFA Department

Premiums for Divisions 200, 201, and 203 are as follows;

1st - $4.00; 2nd - $3.50; 3rd - $3.00; 4th - $2.50; 5th - $2.00

Premiums for Division 202 are as follows: 1st - $8.00; 2nd - $6.00; 3rd - $4.00

Division 201

FFA Educational Displays Booths will be of the type that could be used in a variety of settings, such as FFA Week booths, shopping center displays, local fair, etc.  FFA Chapters should follow guidelines in Oklahoma State Fair Guide, www.okstatefair.com.

Booths will be of he the type that could be used in a variety of settings, such as FFA Week booths, shopping center displays, etc. Booths will consist of a 6 or 8-foot tabletop display. The table must be 28” to 32” in height and the top must be 28” to 32” wide. The display board will be constructed of a 4’x8’ sheet of 1/2” or 5/8” material. The board is to be cut and hinged to consist of two, 2’ wings and a 4’ center back.  The back side of the display should be painted dark blue.  Booths will be divided into two divisions. The Mechanical Division will include booths with a moving display involving powered devises. Examples may include water wheels, fans, rotating devices, talking booths and electronic devices. The Non-Mechanical Division will include booths with no powered

displays or are lights only. The lights on non-mechanical displays cannot flash on and off or rotate. Chapters can enter in one division only.


01. Mechanical Division

02. Non-Mechanical Division

Division 202


Entries may be individually or chapter constructed. Only one exhibit allowed in each class per individual. All articles must be clean and in a presentable condition even though they may have been used during the year. Photos showing operation of the project may be displayed with the exhibit.

Each exhibit shall have a sign showing chapter and ownership. Entries will be judged on the basis of workmanship, structure and design, practicability, safety and materials used. All exhibits to be displayed in a safe manner.

01. Trailers 16 ft. and over

02. Trailers less than 16 ft.

03. Smokers, Grills & Cookers with hitches

04. Truck Bed, Racks, & Pickup Accessories

05. Livestock Production Projects (example; squeeze chute, divider, panels, clipping chutes, lamb & goat stands)

06. Farmstead/Crop Improvement (examples; gates, angel blade, box blade, mail boxes)

07. Reconditioned Machinery and Equipment

08. Shop Improvement (example: welding tables, saw horses, torch carts)

09. Patio Cookers/Grills/Smokers

10. Hobby/Recreation

11. Outdoor Furniture (examples; picnic table, benches, swings)

12. Indoor Furniture (examples: end tables, chairs, bed frames)

13. Farmstead Tools (examples; post driver, tee post puller, barbwire rollers)

14. Decorative Large Projects (examples include large metal art)

15. Decorative Small Projects (examples: paperweight, horseshoe cowboys, piggybanks)

16. Functional Small Projects (examples: lamp, hat rack, boot jack, towel rack)

Division 203


Oklahoma FFA members are required to include photographs as a part of their State FFA Degree scrapbooks or portfolio, State Proficiency Award applications, Reporter Contest scrapbooks, Agriscience Contest applications, etc., as well as, assisting with many chapter award applications such as Gold Emblem, etc., which also require photographs.  The purpose of the photography contest is to provide an opportunity for individual FFA members to showcase their talent in this area while preparing for these state award applications. Entry must contain at least three, but not more than five, 5x7 color prints that were taken by the member. The series must be mounted on black poster or matte board, preferably with a protective covering over the

prints. Pictures on newsprint or those that have been mechanically altered will not be accepted. Subject must relate to the members supervised agricultural experience program (SAE) or to FFA activities within their local chapter. Entries will be judged on subject matter, effectiveness, photo quality

and composition.

01. FFA Photograph