General Rules

Rule 1 - Rule Familiarization

The rules and regulations as prescribed by the Board of Directors for each section and department are hereby incorporated herein and made a party hereby as fully as if the same were set forth above ad may be obtained from the Carter County Free Fair. All persons, exhibitors and concessionaires are required to familiarize themselves with all rules as laid down by the association.

Rule 2 - Interepretation and Violators

The Carter County Free Fair Association reserves that its Board of Directors has the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of connected with or incident to the fair.  Any person who violates any rule or regulation will forfeit the privileges and premiums and be subject to such penalty as the Board of Directors may order.

All protests shall be made to the Fair Board Manager in writing within two hours after the decision is made, and shall be accompanied by a deposit of $100.00, which shall be forfeited in case the protest is not sustained. Said protests must state plainly in writing the cause of the complaint or appeal.

Rule 3 - Dates and Location

The 2018 Carter County Free Fair will be held in Ardmore, Oklahoma, at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum on Sept. 4 – 8, 2018, unless postponed or extended by the Fair Board, which has the right to do so for any cause or causes whatsoever which they deem for the good of all concerned.

Rule 4 - Alcohol

The Carter County Fair Board strictly prohibits the use, sale or possession of alcoholic beverages on the grounds of the Hardy Murphy Coliseum during the Fair.

Rule 5 - Pets

Only dogs allowed on the premises during the week of the Fair will be exhibit entries or certifiable service dogs, which must have documentation.

Rule 6 - Exhibit Requirements

All exhibitors of the Carter County Free Fair shall be a resident of Carter County or attend a school in Carter County (excluding Horse Show exhibitors). All exhibits (excluding Antiques and Houseplants) must have been grown, prepared or created by the exhibitor since the previous Carter County Free Fair. All livestock, poultry and rabbits should be in the exhibitor’s care for at least 30 days.

Rule 7 - Entry Requirements

All entries must be filed with the superintendents no later than the date and time specified per the Schedule of Events for the current year. The management reserves the right to reject any entry which they deem to be unworthy of exhibition. Every exhibit must remain intact and displayed until released by the Fair Board, unless otherwise provided; and the failure to comply with this requirement will bar said exhibitor from partaking of any premiums which they may have been awarded by the judges in any department of the fair. Entry must be displayed at all times until released or will be disqualified.  No entry fee will be charged on any articles or animal entered for the exhibit.  Entries in every department and class including livestock will enter timely according to the Schedule of Events for current year.

Rule 8 - Release of Exhibits

All exhibits (excluding livestock, poultry and rabbits) will be released between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 9th, 2018. Exhibits not picked up within the release time, will be placed in the Fair Headquarters Office and may be picked up by contacting (580) 224-9626 and arranging a time for pickup.

Livestock exhibitors will be required to keep their space or stall in an orderly and sanitary condition at all times during the fair. Stalls must be cleaned of shavings at the time of release. Failure to do so shall result in nonpayment of premium which may be due. Dairy Goats and Pygmy goats will be released after their respective show. Sheep and Swine may be released at noon on Saturday, Sept. 8th, 2018. Poultry and Rabbits will be released at 8 p.m. (or completion of cattle show) on Saturday, Sept. 8th, 2018.

Rule 9 - Liability

In no case shall the Carter County Free Fair Association, directors, manager, superintendents or employees be held responsible for loss, damage or injury at any time, or diseases of any kind of character, to any property while the same is on the grounds of the Hardy Murphy Coliseum at any time or place. All reasonable precautions will be exercised by all of the above-named officials to safeguard property and life, but in no event will any of the above-named officials in their official capacity or as individuals be liable for any of the above mentioned conditions.

If any damage, loss or injury to person or property shall be caused by reason, neglect or willful act of any person, firm or corporation having license or privilege to exhibit on said fair grounds, the Carter County Free Fair Association shall in no manner be responsible or liable for any expense or liability.

Rule 10 - Premiums and Awards

The judges will award premiums only on entries regularly mentioned in the Schedule of Premiums. The decision of the judge or judges shall be final. Protests will be considered or accepted only if based on a rule violation. The judges in all departments will be selected and secured by the superintendent of each and will be allowed to act as judge in the class or ring in which the exhibits. No premiums will be awarded when, in the opinion of the judges, articles or exhibits are unworthy of an award.