Adult or Youth Department

Scarecrow, Pumpkin Exhbit, Home Garden Food Basket and Potted Plant Divisions

Division 501

Scarecrow Exhibit

In Partnership with The Ardmore Beautification Council The Carter County Free Fair and the Ardmore Beautification Council are teaming up to showcase the recycled scarecrow building contest “4th Annual - Something to Crow About”.   Scarecrows can depict any theme and must be movable (40 lbs. or less) and weather-worthy, able to withstand normal fall weather conditions. Scarecrows must be no more than 5’ tall and 48” wide. Any material can be used to create your scarecrow as long as it is repurposed, reused and/or recycled.

Carter County Free Fair Premiums for Scarecrows will be as follows:

1st - $10.00; 2nd - $7.50; 3rd - $5.00 In each category.


01. Schools 06. Youth (18 and under)

02. 4-H Clubs 07. Adult (19 and over)

03. FFA & FHA 08. Corporate

04. Church

05. Civic Groups

Pumpkin Exhibit (adult or youth)

Division 502

Decorated pumpkins using paints or other craft media. Must use real pumpkin. No carved or punctured pumpkins allowed. Size no larger than 12 inches across. Must be made by an individual exhibitor.

01. 13 and under

02. 14 to 17

03. Adult

Home Garden Food Basket – Adult or Youth

Division 503

This exhibit is a selection of from five to nine different kinds of fruits and/or vegetables arranged in a neat manner with eye appeal in a basket or box.

01. 13 and under

02. 14 – 17

03. Adult

Premiums for Pumpkins and Food Basket will be as

follows: 1st - $2.00; 2nd - $1.75; 3rd - $1.50

Potted House Plants – Adult or Youth

Division 504

A) All rooted plants must have been established in pots and in the possession of the exhibitor for at least three (3) months prior to the show.

B) Greenhouse grown plants are not eligible.

C) Plants must be groomed for exhibition, clean and insect free.

01. African Violet

02. Aloe Vera

03. Begonia, Angel Wing

04. Begonia, Ever-Blooming

05. Cacti

06. Coleus

07. Ferns, Any Kind

08. Geranium

09. Ivy, Any Kind

10. Jute, Jew

11. Spider Plants

12. Philodendron, Plain or Variegated

13. Other, Blooming Foliage

14. Other, Green Foliage

15. Miscellaneous

Premiums for Divisions 504

1st - $2.00; 2nd - $1.75; 3rd - $1.50; 4th - $1.25; 5th $1.00

State "Best of the Wheat" Bread Baking Contest

Division 505

2018 State “Best of Wheat” Bread Baking Contest

Sponsored by the Oklahoma Wheat Commission

A) Recipes winning first place at the previous state Contest are ineligible to compete.

B) Each entry must be prepared and baked by the person whose name is on the entry form.

C) The same person may not win Champion, Reserve Champion or Bread Machine Class. Two separate people should win, unless entries do not offer that selection. (Duplicate recipes may not be entered by different family members in any class or division.)

D) Recipe must accompany entry at county and state level. Entries that are eligible to compete at state level will provide two copies of the recipe — one at county fair (which will be mailed to Commission office by county Extension Educator) and bring one with entry at state competition.

E) Whole Wheat Bread Class #2 — This category will include only the use of whole wheat flour and/or whole white wheat flour. NO All purpose flour or bread flour included in this category. Dough enhancers, vital wheat gluten and whole grains, in addition to whole wheat, are permissible.

F) Dinner Rolls should consist of three (3) rolls per entry. Any shape acceptable.

G) Specialty Shapes Class #11 — let your imagination go: animals, people, object, etc. All garnishes must be edible.

H) The Other Wheat Breads, Class #’s 4 and 9 will include other breads made with yeast such as cheese, French, onion, sourdough, challah, etc. NO QUICK BREADS unless yeast is used as a leavening agent. (All breads must use yeast as a leavening agent.)

I) “Best of Wheat,” formerly Wheathearts, sponsored Bread Baking Contest is to be judged separately from the County Fair open class division.

J) County Champion and Reserve Champion from each division are eligible for state competition (See exception below) at the State Fair of Oklahoma on September 23, 2018.

K) One (1) Bread Machine entry from each division class #’s 6 and 12, determined by county judge, will be eligible for competition at state level. Bread machine entries will not be eligible for County Champion or Reserve Champion at county level or Grand Champion at State Level.


01. White Bread

02. Whole Wheat Bread

03. Dinner Rolls

04. Other Wheat Breads

05. Sweet Breads

06. Bread Machine


07. White Bread

08. Dinner Rolls

09. Other Wheat Breads

10. Sweet Breads

11. Specialty Breads

12. Bread Machine

County winners (excluding bread machine class) will receive awards from the Oklahoma Wheat Commission. Premiums will be provided only if the individual county does.

Antiques - Youth or Adult

Division 506

Home Antiques – Adult or Youth

Exhibits in antiques may be exhibited every three (3) years. This is to give more variety to our exhibit and to be fair all exhibitors. All entries must be clean and ready for display.

Premiums for Divisions 506 1st - $2.00; 2nd - $1.75; 3rd - $1.50; 4th - $1.25; 5th $1.00

A Grand Champion Ribbon will be awarded to Best Antique A Reserve Champion Ribbon will be awarded to 2nd Place Overall.


01. Art Glass

02. Fruit Jars

03. Carnival Glass

04. Cut Glass

05. Depression Glass

06. Elegant Glass

07. Kitchen Glass

08. Pressed Glass

09. Art Pottery

10. Earthenware

11. Crock

12. American Dinnerware

13. Milk Glass

14. Crystal

15. China, Plates, etc.

16. Commemorative Glass / China


17. Bottle, Avon

18. Bottle, Beer

19. Bottle, Perfume, other than Avon

20. Bottle, Pop

21. Bottle, Miscellaneous

22. Flask

23. Stein or Tankard

24. Milk / Cream Bottles


25. Advertising

26. Banks

27. Bedroom Accessories

28. Bible

29. Book, School

30. Book, Any Type

31. Box, Any Type

32. Brass Article

33. Bronze Article

34. Camera / Equipment

35. Cast Iron Article

36. Ceramic Article

37. Christmas Decorations

38. Cigarette Lighters / Smoking Acc

39. Clock

40. Clothing

41. Clothing Accessories

42. Cookie Jar

43. Copper Article

44. Cream and Sugar

45. Cup and Saucer

46. Decanter

47. Documents

48. Doll

49. Eyeglasses

50. Fan, Electrical or Manual

51. Figurine

52. Fishing Equipment / Tackle

53. Goblet

54. Indian Territory Photo

55. Indian Territory Miscellaneous

56. Jewelry, Cameo

57. Jewelry, Other

58. Kitchen Article

59. Kitchen Gadgets

60. Lamp, Electrical or Oil

61. Magazine

62. Military Relics

63. Sheet Music

64. Musical Instrument

65. Needlework

66. Newspaper / Articles

67. Padlock

68. Photo, Other Than Tin Type

69. Photo, Tin Type

70. Pocket Knives

71. Porcelain Article

72. Primitive, Wooden

73. Primitive, Metal

74. Product Advertising

75. Purses

76. Quilt

77. Radio

78. Railroad Memorabilia

79. Razor

80. Religious item

81. Salt and Pepper Set

82. Sewing Machine

83. Sewing Miscellaneous

84. Silver Article

85. Sporting Goods

86. Timepiece

87. Tin Article

88. Toy

89. Tool, Office or Business

90. Any Item Not Listed


91. Hand Tools

92. Implements

93. Other


(Exhibits in these classes must pertain to Carter County, Ardmore, and surrounding communities)

94. Advertising

95. Books

96. Photos

97. Glassware

98. Magazines

99. Newspaper

100. County or State Fair Memorabilia

101. Tin Type

102. Small Article, Not Listed

103. Large Article, Not Listed

Collections - Youth or Adult

Division 507

Collections must be attached to make one entry. Pins & Button collections must be enclosed in a frame or attached on a display board.

Premiums for Divisions 507 1st - $2.00; 2nd - $1.75; 3rd - $1.50; 4th - $1.25; 5th $1.00

01. Stamps

02. Spoons

03. Thimbles

04. Glass Items

05. Bells

06. China or Ceramic Items

07. Metal Items

08. Paper Items

09. Buttons

10. Pins

11. Plastic Items

12. Patches

13. Carter County Fair Memorabilia

14. Miscellaneous

Trash to Treasure - Youth and Adult

Division 508

Youth Trash 2 Treasures: Recycled Crafts

Entries must incorporate recycled items or use existing items in a new way. Include and attach a 3 x 5 card listing all recycled materials used.

01. Clothing

02. Outerwear

03. Costume

04. Jewelry / Accessories

05. Hat / Head Wrap

06. Usable Item, Any Item That May Be Used In Daily Life / Apron

07. Decorative Item

08. Aluminum Cans

09. Bottles

10. Flower Pots

11. Nature

12. Miscellaneous

Adult Trash 2 Treasures: Recycled Crafts

Entries must incorporate recycled items or use existing items in a new way. Include and attach a 3 x 5 card listing all recycled materials used.

01. Clothing

02. Outerwear

03. Costume

04. Jewelry / Accessories

05. Hat / Head Wrap

06. Usable Item, Any Item That May Be Used In Daily Life / Apron

07. Decorative Item

08. Aluminum Cans

09. Bottles

10. Flower Pots

11. Nature

12. Miscellaneous