Carter County Youth Department

Youth Department

Open to all youth of Carter County who have not had their 19th birthday by September 1, 2018.

(A) All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and must have been completed since previous year’s Fair.

(B) All exhibits must be removed between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM Sunday, September 9th, 2018. All items not picked up will be locked in the Fair Headquarters and may be picked up by calling 580-224-9626.

Premiums for All Open Class Youth Divisions are as follows: 1st - $2.00; 2nd - $1.75;3rd - $1.50; 4th - $1.25; 5th - $1.00

Vegetables/Fruit/Eggs - Youth

Vegetables and fruit must be grown by exhibitor. Exhibit will be judged on uniformity,

maturity and freedom of insect damage and disease.


01. Cantaloupes, One, Any Type

02. Corn, Two Ears

03. Cream or Black Eye Peas, Six Pods

04. Cucumbers, Two

05. Eggplants, One

06. Okra, Four Pods

07. Onions, Yellow, Two

08. Onions, White, Two

09. Onions, Red, Two

10. Peppers, Jalapeño or Hungarian, Three

11. Peppers, Other Hot, Three

12. Peppers, Sweet Bell, Three

13. Peppers, Sweet Banana, Three

14. Peppers, Other Sweet Peppers, Three

15. Potatoes, Red, Three

16. Potatoes, Yellow, White, or Russet, Three

17. Potatoes, Sweet Any Varieties, Three

18. Pumpkin, Large, Field Type

19. Pumpkin, Jack-o-lantern Size

20. Pumpkin, Mini, Less than 4”

21. Squash, Acorn or Butternut, separate

22. Squash, Other Winter

23. Squash, Summer Yellow, straight neck or crooked neck, Two

24. Squash, Zucchini, Two

25. Squash, Other Summer, Patty Pan, Two

26. Tomatoes, Large Type, Two

27. Tomatoes, Cherry Type, 1 ½ “ or less, Three

28. Tomatoes, Other, Two

29. Turnips, Two

30. Watermelon, Oblong

31. Watermelon, Round

32. Watermelon, Icebox

33. Miscellaneous Vegetables, Three


34. Apples, Red, Plate of Three

35. Apples, Yellow, Plate of Three

36. Pears, Plate of Three

37. Unusual Fruits, three

38. Miscellaneous Fruits, three


39. White, One Dozen

40. Brown, One Dozen

41. Green, One Dozen

42. Bantam, One Dozen

43. Miscellaneous Eggs, One Dozen


44. Corn, Ornamental, Three Ears

45. Gourd, Large

46. Gourd, Small

47. Pecans, Native (12) pieces in a QT-size Plastic Bag

48. Pecans, Improved (12) pieces in a QT-size Plastic Bag

49. Peanuts, In Shell (12) pieces in a QT-size Plastic Bag

50. Sunflower Head

51. Miscellaneous

Youth Canning Classes

Standard pint or quart jars only. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT use the limited Edition Ball® Heritage Collection Purple jars, Spring Green jars or Blue jars for canning entries and the Ball – Wide Mouth 8 oz. Half Pint Mason Jars for the Elite Collection Design Series. It will mean an automatic disqualification. Items to be exhibited in regulation half-pint, pint or quart jars only. All canned items must use the proper headspaces deemed by the USDA; ¼” for jams and jelly, ½” for fruits and tomatoes, 1” to ½” for low acid foods. Jars must be clean and ready to show. Visible rust on the lids or ring will mean an automatic disqualification.


01. Apples

02. Peaches, any type

03. Pears

04. Plums, wild or tame

05. Miscellaneous Fruit


06. Beans, green

07. Beets

08. Black Eye Peas

09. Tomatoes

10. Miscellaneous Vegetable


11. Cucumber, sweet

12. Cucumber, sour or dill

13. Relish

14. Pickles, fruit

15. Picante Sauce

16. Miscellaneous Pickles/Relish


17. Apple

18. Berry

19. Plum

20. Peach

21. Pepper

22. Strawberry

23. Miscellaneous Jellies / Jams

Youth Cooking Classes

 Wilton Decorated Cake Awards

Wilton Enterprises is pleased to help support the Carter County Free Fair in the Decorated

Cakes Division. Wilton “Best of Class” Awards are offered for winning cakes with some type of bag and tip or rolled fondant cake decorating. A “Best of Show” award will be given in a special adult and youth division. Winner will receive Wilton product.

*Only classes 01 & 07 of Division 703 are eligible for this award.

Division 703

Youth Cooking Division

A) Recipe MUST BE taped to the bottom of the container.

B) Items must be baked and decorated by exhibitor.

C) Must be made by school-age child.

D) Items will be judged on taste as well as originality and eye appeal.

Cakes, pies and/or cobblers may be picked up Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 between

3pm and 4pm, but ¼ of the cake, pie and/or cobbler must be left for display.

01. Cake, Any Decorated

02. Cake, White or Yellow, Layered/Iced

03. Cake, Chocolate, Layered/Iced

04. Cake, Tube or Bundt

05. Gingerbread Man (At Least Two)

06. Cupcakes, Iced, Three

07. Cupcakes, Decorated, Three

08. Brownies, Not Iced, Three

09. Brownies, Iced, Three

10. Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Three

11. Cookies, Oatmeal, Three

12. Cookies, Peanut Butter, Three

13. Cookies, Cut-Out, Three

14. Cookies, No-Bake, Three

15. Cookies, Miscellaneous, Three

16. Candy, Miscellaneous, Four Pieces

17. Fudge, Four Pieces

18. Cobbler, Any

19. Pie, Any

20. Muffins, plain, Three

21. Specialty muffin, banana nut, carrot, etc., Three

22. ½ loaf of Quick Bread

23. Miscellaneous, Any Other Than Mentioned

Youth Needlework-Sewing-Knitted

Division 704

Needlework – Sewing – Knitted Youth Projects

Age Divisions:

A) 7 & Under;

B) 8 Years – 12 Years;

C) 13 Years – 18 Years

01. Embroidery, Any Type

02. Stamped Cross Stitch

03. Counted Cross Stitch

04. Needlepoint On Plastic

05. Sewn Purse

06. Any Sewn Fleece Item

07. Latch-Hook, Item

08. Stuffed Toy

09. Pot Holder, Sewn

10. Pot Holder, Woven

11. Knitted Article, Any Type

12. Apron

13. Doll Clothes

14. Pillow Case

15. Skirt or shorts sewn with elastic waist

16. Pajama Pants, sewn

17. Crocheted Article, any type

18. Laundry Bag

19. Quilts

20. Quilted Item, other than a quilt

21. Refashioned T-Shirt

22. Tote Bag, sewn

23. Draw string back pack, sewn

24. Pillow

25. Miscellaneous

Youth Crafts and Art

Division 705

Handmade Crafts (Youth)

All paintings, pictures, string art, etc., MUST HAVE wire or other hangers so they can be hung properly. Must be hand made by exhibitors. All exhibits must be made since previous year’s Fair.

Age Divisions:

A) 7 & Under;

B) 8 Years – 12 Years;

C) 13 Years – 18 Years


01. Bisque, stained; name technique

02. Underglaze; name technique

03. Glaze; name technique

04. Hand designed ceramic piece; Name Technique

05. Ceramic Item not listed


06. Porcelain, Dolls

07. Porcelain, Other Than Dolls

08. Hand-Molded Pieces, Other Than Ceramic

09. China Painting

10. Polymer Clay Art

11. Plaster

12. Decoupage

13. Fabric Crafts

14. Fabric Painting

15. Paper Craft

16. Candle Making

17. Metal Punch Art

18. Leather Craft

19. Clay Pot Craft

20. Basket Weaving

21. Any No-Sew Fleece Project

22. Wood Burning

23. Wood Working

24. Wood Craft

25. Lego™ - All Lego™ art must be glued securely. Not to exceed 12”width,

12” length, 24” height

26. Fashion Accessories

27. Beadwork

28. Jewelry (Handmade)

29. Macramé

30. Decorative Painting

31. String Art

32. Toy (Handmade)

33. Pinewood Derby Car

34. Paper Mache

35. Yard Art

36. Models (Cars, etc.)

37. Scrapbooking Item

38. Any Holiday Craft

39. Duct Tape

40. Miscellaneous

Division 706

Art – Youth

All work must be original. Art must have been made since previous year’s Fair.

Age Divisions:

A) 7 & Under;

B) 8 Years – 12 Years;

C) 13 Years – 18 Years

01. Glass Art

02. Metal Art

03. Mosaic Art

04. Water Based Paint

05. Pencil, Colored or Regular

06. Marker, any type

07. Pen and Ink

08. Oil Based Paint

09. Charcoal

10. Chalk

11. “By The Numbers” Project

12. Crayon

13. Finger Painting

14. Photoshop / Poster Art

15. Collage Art

16. Miscellaneous

Youth Science Fair Projects

Division 707

Youth Science Discovery Projects

The goal of this project and exhibit is to allow youth to: • Use the scientific method to gain an understanding of how things work and the variables that affect them

• Take an open and creative approach to problem solving 

• Learn that a successful outcome is based not on personal opinion, but on scientific fact 

• Improve written and visual communication skills.

Topics to choose from: Behavioral & Social Sciences, Biochemistry, Medicine & Health Sciences, Botany & Zoological Sciences, Computer Science, Earth & Space Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences.

01. 9 – 11 Years Old

02. 12 – 14 Years Old

03. 15 Years and Older

04. Group Participation

Displays must be free standing and are limited to 36” by 36” with sides extended. Commercially available “science fair presentation boards” are encouraged. A few resources for finding project ideas are:

The WWW Virtual Library: Science Fairs –

Science Fair Central – http://school.discoveryeducation. com/sciencefaircentral/

Information about Oklahoma Science Fairs –

Sample Judging Criteria –


Youth Photography

Division 708 - Photography

Youth (Ages 14 and Under)

• Exhibitors may only enter two (2) photos per class.

• Only amateur photographers may enter. An amateur photographer derives no more than 10% of their income from their photography.

• Black and White or Color photos are accepted in all classes.

• Only pictures taken since September 1st of previous year may be entered.

• Misclassified photos will be moved to the appropriate class.


• Photos must be 8” x 10” or 8” x 12” in size mounted on an 11” x 14” backing or mat. Photo’s

may be mounted on top of a solid piece of card stock, poster board, matte board or a cut matte. These photo’s will receive $2.00 per photo in addition to any premium money awarded.

• Fair tags will be available when you enter your pictures, on these you will print your “EXHIBITOR NUMBER,” “YOUR NAME,” and “TITLE” of your picture. DO


• We will accept 5” x 7” photos mounted on a 8” x 10” mounting, but they will not be

awarded the $2.00 per photo, but will be eligible for premium money.

• Youth snapshots should be 4” x 6” in size and mounted on 5” x 7” card stock


01. Wildlife

02. Landscapes

03. Pets

04. Action

05. Weather

06. Portraits & People

07. Floral

08. Still Life

09. At the Fair

10. Miscellaneous


11. Wildlife

12. Landscapes

13. Pets

14. Action

15. Weather

16. Portraits & People

17. Floral

18. Still Life

19. At the Fair

20. Miscellaneous

• Awards: Placing Ribbons will be awarded from 1st to 5th place and premiums are as

follows: 1st - $2.00; 2nd - $1.75; 3rd - $1.50; 4th - $1.25; 5th - $1.00. 

In addition each 8” x 10” photo or larger will be awarded $2.00 per photo.

• Best of Show “Grand Champion” and “Reserve Grand Champion” Rosettes will be